What Are Your Creative Habits? How are Your Habits Supporting Your Energy? How Do You Separate the Doing of Tasks, to Open Yourself into the Expansive...View Details

What Do You Want in Your Life? Time? Money? Building Something?   How Are You Taking Care of Your Own Energy?   Is Masculine Energy Overpowering Your ...View Details

Do You Know What is for Your Highest Good to Honour What You Deserve? Do You Need to Chart a New Course? Are You Excited and Delighted by This Opportu...View Details

Why Do We Feel the Need to Label Things as 'Good' or 'Bad'? Are You Truly Being Yourself? Who Are You in Each Moment? Do You Have a Love Affair with Y...View Details

"You Never Know Who Needs Your Voice" - Kellina Powell How are You Overcoming, to Do What You Want to Do and Express Your Voice? Time to Stop Apologis...View Details

How do You Consistently Feel About Yourself on Physical, Mental & Emotional Levels? Do You Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilt? How Does Social M...View Details

Confidence, Positive Mindset and Mindful Living are Tricky Enough When You are in Healthy Relationships. But after an abusive relationship, the work i...View Details

How Much Awareness of Your Body Do You Really Have?   How Does Fear Show Up in Your Body?   Does Taking a Breath Really Calm You Down?   How Well Do Y...View Details

Do you find it difficult to Receive? Does it sometimes feel like others see it as weakness when You express how you feel? Do you use coping or numbing...View Details

We are so excited to be speaking with the WONDERFUL, Genesis Amaris Kemp! Advocate, activist, & author of 'Chocolate Drop in Corporate America',  ...View Details

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